Treatment Plan!

The program is made up of the following visits:

Initial Evaluation
Includes physician evaluation for causes, risk and impact of the weight on general health and well being of each individual patient. Eligiblity for medications will be determined at visit. A presecreening for scheduling may be required.

  • Impedance Body Fat measurement
    (*contraindicated for patients who have pacemakers, automatic defibrillators, are or may be pregnant)
  • Basic laboratory testing (may include: lipids, BMP, Thyroid screening)
  • Electrocardiogram, if indicated
  • Treatment
    • Meal plan with shopping list
    • If indicated - injections
    • If indicated - Prescription for weight loss medication
    • Exercise recommendation

Physician Follow Up Visits
(frequency as indicated by the physician during visit)

  • Measurement of weight and other physical parameters and evaluation by physician
  • Meal Plan with shopping list as needed
  • Review and modify exercise prescription
  • Referral to ancillary services if indicated
  • Injections if indicated
  • Medication prescription if indicated

Weekly Injection only (as per Physician order)

  • Injections(s)

12th Week Visit/End of Cycle Visit/Restart with Physician

  • Review of initial assessment goals
  • Re-measurement of BMI, hip and waist and impedance body fat measurement
  • Laboratory testing (lipids and basic chemistry, additional labs may be addeded at extra cost
  • Meal planning review
  • Exercise prescription for ongoing weight control

Monthly Weigh In Visit (NOT a Physician Visit-optional if additional 12 weeks of medication is required)

  • Re-evaluation of weight and lifestyle maintenance. Evaluation of meal plan adherence and changes to meal and nutritional plan
  • Injections as indicated
  • Restart Medication would require a physician visit, if needed it RESTARTS the process at the Physician Follow up visit if not greater than 3 months since last physician visit. Restarts after the first three months will be considered a INITIAL visit, since labs and other testing may be required.